Made the Grade - June 2017
ERAC Has an APP for That

  All The Bright Places Grades: 11-12 Supplier: Not Available Violet tries to deal with the guilt of surviving a car accident that killed... Read More > Angel Catbird Grades: 10-12 Supplier: Not Available This Margaret Atwood graphic novel, suitable...(More...)

ERAC has an APP for the K-12 Resource Collection. Educators now have access to the only searchable collection of BC educator-evaluated resources from any Apple or Android device.   Find it in your APP store by searching for BCERAC. The APP allows for on-the-spot collaboration by groups of...(More...)

Made the Grade - May 2017
Improving Access to Digital Resources for Students and Teachers

  Crenshaw Grades: 3-6 Supplier: Not Available When Jackson’s parents fall on hard times the family must move out of their house, sell their belongings, and live in their van until his parents can get back on their feet. As 4th-grader Jackson tries to cope with this...(More...)

Wondering how and where you can access the BC Digital Classroom Collection in your own district?  There are several options. 1. ERAC provides direct access to the BC Digital Classroom resources through the Access page. Within a school site, any student and teacher can visit the Access page...(More...)

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"Biggest takeaway was ways to raise the bar and take the next step transforming student learning"

Attendee from IL4K12 event