Annual Renewal of Microsoft EDesktop Agreement
February & March 2017 Deadlines

It’s Annual Renewal Time for the ERAC Provincial Microsoft Licensing Agreement.  The Microsoft Enterprise Desktop (E Desktop) Suite gives all participating ERAC members access to the latest versions of Office Professional, Windows operating systems and the ECAL Suite.  April 1, 2017 marks the...(More...)

Don’t miss these important upcoming deadlines for the next two months:   Group Média TFO Short Term Offer on IDÉLLO – expires March 31, 2017 Follett Software - Destiny Library Manager – expires March 31, 2017

Made the Grade - January 2017 Newly Evaluated Resources
Bring the World to Your Classroom Through Virtual Field Trips

Enjoy these newly evaluated resources for you to add to your collection! Your ERAC Online Resource Collection has a multitude of resources for your reference and use and the titles below have most recently been evaluated.  Click on the titles to go to the evaluation and make sure to sign in...(More...)

If you’ve always wanted to go to Space, then best start saving now as the price tag for commercial space travel will cost you around $75,000 to reserve your seat. A better option is to join Mark Hauk and Merle Ross on a virtual field trip! Besides experiencing the International Space...(More...)

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