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Posting deadline extended.  See more information here: Consider applying to become an ERAC evaluator. Successful applicants are appointed to a 3 year term. Evaluators are trained in resource evaluation criteria and processes, and...(More...)

Sessions to Support District Strategies and Planning for Ed and Tech Professionals Moving into 21st Century Infrastructure by creating a IT strategic plan that addresses the educational and administrative needs of a School District, with a focus on student learning and teachers enhancing...(More...)

IT4K12 Conference – Program is Now Available
Made the Grade - October 2017

Check out the IT4K12 Program Page to view the most up to date program. Here you will find details on the many presentations and workshops being offered at this year’s event as well as presenter information. There are two views to choose from so you can easily plan your time at the...(More...)

  Across the Universe Grades: 8-12 Supplier: Not Available Seventeen-year-old Amy and her parents are frozen cargo aboard the spaceshi... Read More > All My Puny Sorrows Grades: 12 Supplier: Not Available This engaging, award-winning Canadian novel,...(More...)

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"ERAC has been the 'go to' tool for software planning and purchases. We integrate our future planning around ERAC initiatives.!!!"

Burt Bergmann
Vice Principal – Coquihalla Middle School
School District #58
Merritt, BC