Most of us are very familiar with the native lands around our area and the various bands that live within the community. Often though, we know very little about this rich culture within our midst. That isn’t the case for Prince Rupert, BC. Sm'algyax is the language of the Ts’msyen First Nation in Prince Rupert which has various dialects. These Sm'algyax dialects are all represented in the l...


Great news! Gale and Google have partnered to improve learning! Your Global Issues In Context has now been updated to reflect the standard user interface found in all the other Gale In Context products. This makes it much simpler for the user. What you can expect is for Gale products to now: Have Google integration tools like Google sign-in, download to Google Drive, and Google Classroom s...


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Welcome potential Sponsors, both new and old, to our upcoming November 17-18, 2016 IT4K12 conference! The Sheraton Airport host hotel has recently completed some new construction and we’re excited to be using their brand new, larger ballroom! The new ballroom can accommodate more of our exhibitors and allows us to open up registration to more delegates. This provides you with more exposure ove...

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"Liked hearing presentations showing what is happening in different school districts around the province"

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