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ERAC Social Media Policy Statement

Welcome to the BC ERAC Online Community. ERAC is a member-based organization dedicated to supporting our member community by recommending educational tools, materials and resources, both online and offline, we've evaluated and approved for the BC Classroom. Our goal is to support your work, incite your curiosity and pique your interest with our online content. We welcome comments, photos, videos and links. However, we will remove content that:

  • Is offensive, vulgar or profane
  • Is off-topic and unrelated to posted content
  • Advertises products and services not evaluated and approved by ERAC
  • Infringes on copyright

In the spirit of online community building, we do our best to recognize, value and feature content shared by organizations, companies and individuals we admire. The content we post, comment on, "like", tweet, retweet or share across our social media channels are not a substitute for an ERAC evaluation or ERAC approved resource. Visit to review all of our evaluated educational tools, materials and resources online. We don't expect all of our visitors to agree with everything they find on this website, and we welcome your perspective. However, we will remove offensive and profane comments or comments that overtly promote products and services not approved by ERAC. Those who repeatedly post prohibited content will be blocked.

The effort to support educational materials and resources in BC is a never-ending privilege but even we need to take a breather, now and then. If you submit a comment, tweet, post or share something after hours or on weekends or holidays, we'll read and respond to you on the next business day.