Evaluator Training

ERAC's online evaluator training offers BC teachers the opportunity to learn how to become effective learning resource evaluators. ERAC's evaluators learn to apply rigorous evaluation standards that support British Columbia's K-12 educational practices.

All ERAC evaluators are required to take at least two training courses before they evaluate any resource for ERAC. First, evaluators take a comprehensive general course on evaluating resources that covers understanding and applying social considerations criteria in depth. Evaluators are then required to take additional training courses depending on the resource type that they will be evaluating. These resource specific training courses include instruction in how to apply evaluation criteria to specific resource types.

Our training courses include self- assessments, group discussions, Elluminate sessions and use multimedia. Specific resource evaluator training includes the evaluation of authentic resources such as video clips from videos that have been submitted by distributors for formal evaluation, software or novel sections or short stories. In every training course, evaluators must complete all assignments and score 100% on the final course test. Evaluators must also complete two sample authentic resource evaluations and submit for feedback before they evaluate any resources for ERAC.

Evaluators are compensated for taking the training.

If you are an ERAC evaluator:

Becoming an ERAC Evaluator

ERAC works with the BCTF (BC Teachers' Federation) in the evaluator selection process. The BCTF as directed by ERAC, puts out a call to its members and selects teachers whose area of expertise and experience match the requirements for a particular evaluation call. Names of the successful candidates are given to ERAC and these evaluators are kept in ERAC's evaluator pool for 3 years. ERAC is also interested in having district leaders and BC College of Teacher members from independent schools participate as evaluators. If you are a non-BCTF member, please complete ERAC's Non- BCTF Member Evaluator Application.


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