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From time to time ERAC creates courses to support major initiatives, legislative requirements or new directions in teaching and learning.

Building a Professional Learning Resource Collection

The purpose for building this collection is to highlight current research, inform teachers, and encourage exploration of promising practices. ERAC has evaluated some of the most current, research based professional learning resources. This collection only touches the surface of the many excellent resources available. We hope it inspires educators to look at their practice and pursue further professional development.

To continue to collaboratively build this collection please submit professional learning resources to ERAC. You can learn more about the ERAC evaluation process here.

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Support Materials for Promoting Professional Learning Resources

Copyright Course

Copyright Essentials for Educators is a short online course which teaches BC educators the basics of Canadian copyright law as it relates to the use of print, video, audio, and digital resources in a K-12 setting. One of the 7 modules of the course covers copyright issues related to the use of online databases and other digital resources for which ERAC has negotiated agreements for K-12 schools in BC. Other key topics include Access Copyright and the Copyright Act's Educational Exceptions. Read more...

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