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From time to time ERAC creates courses to support major initiatives, legislative requirements or new directions in teaching and learning.

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Learning Resource Selection for K-12 Teachers Course

Whether you are a beginning or experienced teacher, Learning Resource Selection for K-12 Teachers course will support your decision-making process so you feel confident that you've exercised due diligence in choosing appropriate resources for your classroom.

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Copyright Matters!

Teachers need to be knowledgeable about the copyright status of resource materials being used for instruction and learning with students. Copyright law is based on the principle that the works of others should not be used without their permission unless the use is permitted by the Copyright Act. The Fair Dealing Guidelines within the Act outlines permitted use of materials, without permission, within the education setting.

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Building a Professional Learning Resource Collection

The purpose for building this collection is to highlight current research, inform teachers, and encourage exploration of promising practices. ERAC has evaluated some of the most current, research based professional learning resources. This collection only touches the surface of the many excellent resources available. We hope it inspires educators to look at their practice and pursue further professional development.

To continue to collaboratively build this collection please submit professional learning resources to ERAC. You can learn more about the ERAC evaluation process here.

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