Services for School Districts

Evaluation Services

Member districts and/or individual teachers can request that ERAC undertake an evaluation of a specific learning resource for general classroom use by completing a short evaluation request form. ERAC will assess whether the resource aligns with current ERAC evaluation projects, and will include the requested resource in that process.

Districts may also request that ERAC consider evaluating a resource on a cost recovery basis. This can save districts organizational time and release costs.

If the district or associate member would like to ensure that their educators are involved in the evaluations ERAC can facilitate this. District member appointed evaluators would be required to complete the ERAC evaluator training course prior to participating in a district-sponsored evaluation process

Products that have been reviewed and the met evaluation criteria will have a full evalution review which can be accessed in the K-12 online resource collection. This collection is also viewable on mobile devices; search BC ERAC in the App Store. Most districts in BC are able to rely on ERAC's evaluation reviews without requiring a further local evaluation process.

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Other Services

In addition, ERAC is uniquely positioned to help BC schools and districts move forward in learning resources, tools, technology and other emerging areas. If you require a service that falls outside of ERAC's standard member services and benefits, we can help. Contact us to discuss your needs. Services may be available on a cost-recovery basis.

  • Research & Reports - ERAC offers research and analysis services regarding new and emerging resources, products and tools for students, teachers and administrators.
  • Aggregation - ERAC can contact people within your district, across districts or across jurisdictions to aggregate demand to ensure maximum participation and lower prices for a specific product.
  • Negotiation - Working with BC Education Marketplace, ERAC can negotiate with vendors to provide the best possible agreement, province-wide, for specific products.
  • Professional Learning - ERAC's Professional Learning Team is available to provide workshops and support to your districts and at regional and provincial conferences; Learn more
  • Deployment & Implementation - ERAC can provide support for the deployment and implementation of new resources and tools for students, teachers and administrators.Other - Tell us what you need. We can pull experienced teams together to meet your District's unique needs.
  • Other - Tell us what you need. We can pull experienced teams together to meet your District's unique needs.


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"Our relationship with ERAC has been quite successful and allows access to materials at considerable savings!"

Angus Wilson
Superintendent of Schools
Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlotte
School District #50