ERAC Reports and Whitepapers

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File Name Format Size Download
LGBTQ Collection of Evaluated Resources for Educators (2015) Web View
Apps Evaluation Criteria Report (2015) Web Sign-in
Online Community Management (2014) Web Sign-in
Copyright Considerations for K-12 (2013) Web Sign-in
Use of Feature Film in K-12 (2013) Web Sign-in
Inactive Report - Archive Web Sign-in
Roadmap to the Digital Classroom (2012) Web View
Inactive Report - ERAC & BC Ministry Evaluated Titles Web View
ERAC Database Evaluation Literature Review (2012) PDF 812 KB
E-Readers Report for School Districts (2012) PDF 820 KB
Evaluating, Selecting and Managing Learning Resources - A Guide/Select/Acquire Resources (2008) PDF 4.51 MB
Wireless Networking for K-12 Education in BC (2007) PDF 148 KB Sign-in
Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) – Software Decision Guide (2005 and updated 2006) PDF 274 KB Sign-in
Open Source (2005) PDF 288 KB Sign-in
Video Streaming Report (2005) PDF 612 KB Sign-in

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