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Title Vendor Annotation
Grades/Subject Areas

Raven Tales

Scholastic Canada

Raven Tales is an engaging and compelling series of graphic novels based on the Emmy-nominated Canadian television series. Each of the 26 novels is highly illustrated with colourful scenes, and features well-developed and well-known characters such as Raven and Coyote the tricksters, and Frog and Eagle, the wise elders. The series caters to all learning styles, provides ample opportunity for learning about Aboriginal content, and affords opportunities for cross-curricular studies.

Grades: 3-7. Subjects: Science, Social Studies, Language Arts.

Flying Start

Scholastic Canada Ltd.

The complete "Flying Start" has 48 pairs of fiction/non-fiction themed little books. It is intended for use in guided reading for early emergent readers and is appropriate for ELL and struggling students as well as for regular classroom use.

Grades: K – 1. Subjects: Health & Career Education, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts.

Fast Track

Scholastic Canada Ltd.

These high-interest, low-readability fiction and non-fiction books are intended for use in grades 4-8 for students reading at the grade 1-3 level. They would be helpful for struggling and/or reluctant readers and English Language Learners.

Grades: 4-8. Subjects: Science, Social Studies, Language Arts.

BME Books Classical Guitar, Book 1

BME Books Corporation

This Classical Guitar method book is designed for beginning and intermediate grade students for use in the classroom or online community. It provides sequential and systematic instruction and includes on-line support.

Grades: 8-12. Subjects: Music.

Inanimate Alice

The Bradfield Company Ltd.

Inanimate Alice is a ground-breaking interactive, multimedia-based novel that takes students on a global adventure with Alice as she explores the difficult topics of growing up, the importance of family, being independent and strong, and dealing with global issues. Useful teaching aids, strategies, and resources are included to enable teachers to immediately use the resource. Inanimate Alice is a well-produced resource that is thoroughly engaging.

Grades: 5-12. Subjects: Arts Ed, ELA, FIT, FLS, FSL, Spanish, Info Tech, Vis Arts.

Interactive Science

Scholastic Canada

This interactive Science multimedia resource has 13 different units. Each unit addresses an area of the grades 1 to 6 BC Science curriculum, and includes a series of engaging learning cards with a corresponding interactive CD to help extend learning and thinking.

Grades: 1-6. Subjects: Science.