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Interactive Science: It's Alive    
Copyright  2009  Grades  1  Science
This interactive Science multimedia resource addresses the grade 1 BC Science curriculum in the area of "Life Science". It includes a series of engaging learning cards with a corresponding interactive...+read more
One Without the Other: Stories of Unity Through Diversity and Inclusion  by  Moore, S.
   Grades  K-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
B.C. educator Shelly Moore encourages educators to reconsider the concept of inclusion, think differently about diversity, and approach their students in a more inclusive way. The resource demonstrate...+read more
Interactive Science: Animals Grow    
Copyright  2009  Grades  2  Science
This interactive Science multimedia resource addresses the grade 2 BC Science curriculum in the area of "Life Science". It includes a series of engaging learning cards with a corresponding interactiv...+read more
Iron Road  by  CBC
Copyright  2009  Grades  10-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
Lured by BC’s fabled Gold Mountain and the promise of riches, thousands of desperate Chinese workers left their homeland with a dream: to make their fortune in North America by laying a coast-to-coast...+read more
Educate to Empower: Training of Trainers Curriculum  by  Riley, T. & Gacoin, A.
Copyright  2011  Grades  6-10  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
This engaging, accurate, and comprehensive resource manual is designed to train teachers to impart a basic awareness of HIV/AIDS and HCV(Hepatitis C Virus) and the local and global impact of HIV/AIDS,...+read more
Portal  by  Von Eger, Jaqlyn
Copyright  2008  Grades  7  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
Three friends goad each other into spending the night in The Great Pyramid of Zoser. In a pivotal event, the three join hands in the king's chamber and soon realize that they have been transported b...+read more
Hating Tami: A look at Female Bullying  by  Aquarius Productions
Copyright  2008  Grades  8-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
Why do some adolescent girls bully their peers? Are their motives and methods the same as those of boy bullies? What can and should parents, teachers, and other teens do stop this malicious and often ...+read more
Real Life Science - Physics    
Copyright  2007  Grades  11  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
This softcover workbook style resource is suitable as an additional resource for both Science and Technology 11 and Applications of Physics 11. It contains 25 high interest topics that involve places,...+read more
Éco-logis, L'  by  cinefete
Copyright  2007  Grades  11-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
L'éco-logis presents four local projects designed to help reduce energy consumption in the home. In China, in order to reduce deforestation, mothers make bio-gas by fermenting human/animal excrement; ...+read more (Elementary)    
   Grades  K-8  Mathematics
SEE ALSO: (Secondary). Mangahigh (Elementary) is an engaging online math resource for students in grades K through 8. This self-paced and self-correcting resource allows students to revi...+read more
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