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Hate U Give, The  by  Thomas, A.
Copyright  2017  Grades  10-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
Sixteen year-old Starr, the only black student at a privileged white private school, lives in a violent, poverty-filled neighbourhood, and battles to keep the two worlds apart. But when she is the onl...+read more
Listen!  by  Tolan, Stephanie S.
Copyright  2006  Grades  5-6  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
Although this story takes place in North Carolina the setting described could be the mountains and lakes of BC. The main theme is that of a young girl, Charley, overcoming her own physical and emoti...+read more
True (…Sort of)  by  Hannigan, Katherine
Copyright  2011  Grades  6-7  English Language Arts
Delly begins observing Ferris, the new, sad, frightened student, in order to distract herself from the impulsive behaviour that gets her into trouble. She becomes intrigued by Ferris's ability to gent...+read more
Ivan the Terrible  by  Fine, Anne
Copyright  2007  Grades  4-5  English Language Arts
While this story covers events that take place in a single day,the message delivered is fast-paced, complex and long-lasting. When Boris, a bilingual student at St. Edmund's School, accepts the task...+read more
   Grades  K-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
The versatile little Sphero robot appeals to all grade, age, and experience levels, and can be integrated into any curricular/content area. It fosters development of creative and critical thinking an...+read more
FreshGrade (Secondary)    
Copyright  2014      
SEE ALSO: FreshGrade (Elementary). FreshGrade is an easy to use and intuitive assessment tool with the goal of providing effective, on-going communication between parents, teachers, and students. The ...+read more
Posted  by  Anderson, J.D.
Copyright  2017  Grades  6-8  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
When Branton Middle School bans cell phones, students begin communicating with sticky notes, but soon they become nasty and students are harassed, criticized, and bullied via anonymous sticky notes. T...+read more
Three on Three  by  Walters, Eric
Copyright  1999  Grades  4-5  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
"Three- on -Three" is written from the point of view of a Canadian boy in grade three who is obsessed with basketball. Nick and Kia, both grade three students, are thrilled when a Three-on-Three bas...+read more
All the Light We Cannot See  by  Doerr, A.
Copyright  2014  Grades  10-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
This Pulitzer Prize winning novel tells the story of a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths intersect in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II. The challenge...+read more
Poèmes du monde: volume 1  by  Cinefete
Copyright  2009  Grades  1-8  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
This 28 min. engaging production includes 14 short stories from around the world. It fosters the development of oral and written communication skills and also promotes creativity and imagination. The ...+read more
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