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Sisters of the Sword  by  Snow, Maya
Copyright  2008  Grades  5-6  English Language Arts
After witnessing the brutal slayings of their father and brothers, two sisters disguise themselves as boys in order to train as samurai warriors and prepare for revenge against the uncle who committ...+read more
Painting Caitlyn  by  Peters, Kimberly Joy
Copyright  2006  Grades  8-9  English Language Arts
Written in the first person, this novel chronicles the tumultuous relationship between the 14 year old main character, Caitlyn, and her new boyfriend, Tyler. Caitlyn, feeling alone and depressed, mee...+read more
Mon plus grand mensonge  by  Mercier/Cantin/Vacho
Copyright  2007  Grades  6-7  Français langue seconde - immersion
Voici trois récits intéressants à propos des mensonges. Un eleve fait ment pour faire semblant d'être malade pour éviter une présentation orale. Un garçon doit utiliser la ruse pour réussir comme gar...+read more
Été en Nouvelle-France, Un  by  Vanier, Lyne
Copyright  2007  Grades  9-10  Français langue seconde - immersion
Dans ce roman, Victor-Emmanuel poursuit ses aventures de voyage dans le temps commencé dans les autres tomes de cette série. Il est accompagné par sa copine Arianne et doit ressoudre avec elle et à l'...+read more
Authentic Assessment: Designing Performance-Based Tasks  by  Luongo-Orlando, K.
   Grades  5-11  English Language Arts
This practical, user-friendly resource deals with all aspects of performance-based assessment, from planning to designing, implementing and assessing. It provides multiple ways for students to demonst...+read more
Engaging Readers and Writers with Inquiry  by  Wilhelm, J.
   Grades  8-12  English Language Arts
This easy to read book contains comprehensive inquiry strategies and techniques which teachers can use with students in English Language Arts and other content areas. It explains how to use the inquir...+read more
Exploring Writing in the Content Areas  by  Carty, M.
   Grades  6-12  English Language Arts
This cross-curricular Canadian resource,geared for grades 6-12,contains useful graphic organizers, checklists, and rubrics. It is suitable for both beginning and seasoned teachers and is a good match...+read more
Going With the Flow: How to Engage Boys (and Girls) in Their Literacy Learning  by  Smith, M.; Wilhelm, J.
Copyright  2009  Grades  8-12  English Language Arts
This resource is based on current pedagogy and research and uses the Zone of Proximal Development theory and Gradual Release of Responsibility teaching method. While it provides activities and strate...+read more
Leap Into Literacy  by  Lundy, K.
   Grades  6-12  English Language Arts
This cross curricular resource is very good at differentiating instruction and allowing students to show what they know in a variety of ways. It uses a backwards design approach. There are also stro...+read more
Lessons That Change Writers  by  Atwell, N.
Copyright  2009  Grades  6-12  English Language Arts
This is a comprehensive, well organized and very thorough writing resource suitable for any English Language Arts teacher. Its breadth and depth includes everything from materials necessary to teach l...+read more
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