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Mon pays à feu et à sang (Cher Journal)  by  Trottier, Maxine
Copyright  2005  Grades  9-10  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
Geneviève Aubuchon, 12 ans, est orpheline. C'est une Abénaquise. Elle vit à Québec chez une riche veuve qui l'a adoptée, elle et son frère. Les Anglais mettent le siège devant Québec. Geneviève, qui a...+read more
NASA Scientific Visualization Studio  by
   Grades  9-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
This NASA website provides data visualization on a variety of topics, including global warming, solar dynamics, oceanography, atmospheric sciences, and planetary sciences. The information is based o...+read more
Painting Caitlyn  by  Peters, Kimberly Joy
Copyright  2006  Grades  8-9  English Language Arts
Written in the first person, this novel chronicles the tumultuous relationship between the 14 year old main character, Caitlyn, and her new boyfriend, Tyler. Caitlyn, feeling alone and depressed, mee...+read more
No Great Mischief  by  MacLeod, Alistair
Copyright  2001  Grades  12  English Language Arts
In the 18th century, the MacDonald clan came to Cape Breton from Scotland; in modern-day, one of their progeny is an orthodontist, Alexander MacDonald, the protagonist who narrates the story. Alex go...+read more
Before I Fall  by  Oliver, Lauren
Copyright  2010  Grades  10-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
The protagonist, Sam, is a shallow, entitled, popular teenage girl. The story opens with Sam's death in a drinking and driving accident on the way home from a party. In "Groundhog Day" fashion the sto...+read more
Cockeyed  by  Knighton, Ryan
Copyright  2006  Grades  11-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
When Ryan turns 18, he is diagnosed with a disease causing progressive blindness. His experiences of dating, falling in love, hiding and finally coming to terms with his disability offers insight into...+read more
Skylar  by  Cuffe-Perez, Mary
Copyright  2008  Grades  4-6  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
A group of hand-fed geese live a life of safety and ease in a pond on private property. Their lives change forever when a lost blue heron arrives. He has an urgent need to be directed to the pla...+read more
April Raintree  by  Mosionier, B.
   Grades  10-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
Suitable for a grade 10-12 audience, this novel tells the story of two sisters who were victims of the residential school system, separated from their family and from each other. As adults, each sist...+read more
Kit's Wilderness  by  Almond, David
Copyright  2001  Grades  7-8  English Language Arts
This multi-layered novel requires a strong, capable reader. John Askew is an outcast who has many internal struggles. Kit, however, sees the good in him and doesn't lose sight of his positive side. ...+read more
Martian Chronicles, The  by  Bradbury, Ray
Copyright  1977  Grades  9  English Language Arts
The Martian Chronicles is a series of short stories that form a novel. Some characters show up in more than one story so there is a sense of continuity in story line. The stories were written in the l...+read more
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