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Killing Sea, The  by  Lewis, Richard
Copyright  2006  Grades  8  English Language Arts
Two teens, from completely different worlds, find each other in the wake of the destruction by the most devastating tsunami ever seen. Ruslan, a native of Aceh, is searching for his father, while Sar...+read more
Book of a Thousand Days  by  Hale, Shannon
Copyright  2007  Grades  7-8  English Language Arts
This is a tale of a young maid (Mongolian) and her mistress (Lady Saren) and how they cope with a 7-year sentence locked in a tower by the lady's father. Eventually they escape and following a series...+read more
9/11 Report, The  by  Jacobson, Sid / Colón, Ernie
Copyright  2006  Grades  11-12  English Language Arts
Plot Summary/Reasons for Recommendation: Based on the Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the US, this graphic non-fiction work begins with the attacks on the World Trad...+read more
Franchise Fame & Fortune (Fortune Hunters)  by  CBC
Copyright  2009  Grades  10-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
Franchise chains account for $90 billion a year in sales — 10 per cent of Canada’s gross domestic product. And all that money means a whole lot of jobs: over one million Canadians work for a franchise...+read more
Dumbbell Exercices - Lower Body/Core/Chest & Back  by  Jespersen, M
Copyright  2009  Grades  8-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
This full-colour, laminated poster (24” x 36”) presents 18 dumbbell exercises for working the core (abdominals and lower back), chest, back, and legs. Aimed at students, the poster is visually appea...+read more
Before I Fall  by  Oliver, Lauren
Copyright  2010  Grades  10-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
The protagonist, Sam, is a shallow, entitled, popular teenage girl. The story opens with Sam's death in a drinking and driving accident on the way home from a party. In "Groundhog Day" fashion the sto...+read more
Animal Ark: Celebrating our Wild World in Poetry and Pictures  by  Alexander, K.
Copyright  2017  Grades  K-7  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
This pairing of dramatic photographs of more than 40 animals, considered vulnerable, endangered, or extinct in the wild, with poetry and prose captivates and compels readers to protect Earth’s many sp...+read more
Nouvelle maîtresse, La  by  Demers, Dominique
Copyright  1994  Grades  4-7  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
This novel presents an amusing and imaginative portrayal of an unusual teacher and shows how she affects her students in positive ways. One in the series of short novels about the well-loved characte...+read more
Whistling Season, The  by  Doig, Ivan
Copyright  2006  Grades  8-10  English Language Arts
After his life is touched by two unexpected visitors, Paul realizes how life is full of surprises and is never quite what you expect. Set during the early 1900s in the wild Montana prairie lands, the ...+read more
Sold  by  McCormick, Patricia
Copyright  2006  Grades  11-12  English Language Arts
Lakshmi is a thirteen-year-old girl who lives with her family in a small hut in the mountains of Nepal. Her family is desperately poor. But when the harsh Himalayan monsoons wash away all that remains...+read more
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