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Wild Ride: A Graphic Guide Adventure  by  O'Donnell, Liam
Copyright  2007  Grades  K-7  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
Three children are on their way to visit their environmentalist parents, who are working to stop a logging company from clear-cutting a BC wilderness area. Their plane crashes on the way there, the pi...+read more
Canada History Project  by
   Grades  4-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
This site is a great starting place for research on Canadian history for students in grades 4-10. It is written in an engaging and concise way, is organized chronologically from pre-contact to the mod...+read more
Wisdom from our First Nations  by  Sigafus, K.; Ernst, L.
Copyright  2015  Grades  6-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
These brief biographies contain wisdom gained from lessons learned in the life experiences of the ten elders from across Canada and the United States. This is a stand alone resource that can be used i...+read more
Cloud of Bone  by  Morgan, Bernice
Copyright  2007  Grades  12  English Language Arts
A novel of three sections, Cloud of Bone begins with the story of a Newfoundland sailor that who deserts the Royal Navy during the Battle of the Atlantic. It transitions into the first person narrativ...+read more
Lorian Loubier, détective privé?  by  Latulippe, Martine
Copyright  2006  Grades  5-6  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
Un jeune garçon est certain que son papa lui cache un secret puisque ce dernier l'emmène exceptionnellement en vacances au bord de la mer....+read more
Gooseberry Park  by  Rylant, Cynthia
Copyright  1995  Grades  K-7  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
Gooseberry Park is a humorous animal tale about a trio of animals. It is about friendship, courage, and loyalty. Kona, a Labrador retriever; Gwendolyn, a hermit crab; Murray, a bat; and Stumpy, a squi...+read more
Stardust  by  Gaiman, Neil
Copyright  1999  Grades  10  English Language Arts
Stardust is the story of Tristran and his quest to retrieve a star from the land of Faerie. Along his journey, he learns that stars are human-like beings and, even though he intends to give his star ...+read more
Treaty Tales: The Friendship  by  Lynxleg, B.
Copyright  2015  Grades  K-3  Social Studies
In this second instalment of Treaty Tales, Kookoo (Grandmother) explains the symbiotic relationship between the First Nations people and the first European settlers, including the sharing of indigenou...+read more
Water For Elephants  by  Gruen, Sara
Copyright  2006  Grades  12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
Orphaned by the death of his parents in an accident, the protagonist abandons his studies at an ivy league school for the life of a hobo in Depression era America. He falls in with a travelling circus...+read more
To Hell and Back  by  Calendino, J.; Little, G.
Copyright  2017  Grades  10-12  
(View recommended grades/subjects/courses)
This gritty and raw autobiography, a cautionary tale about choices, traces the journey of Joe Calendino from his aggressive teen years, his decision to join Hells Angels, his downward spiral to crack ...+read more
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