May 1, 2015
April 30, 2018

Great news from ERAC and Synrevoice! The ERAC-Synrevoice agreement on SchoolConnects, the fully hosted version of the company's popular communications system, has been renewed for 3 more years. ERAC discounts on school only subscriptions are now available in this new agreement.

The agreement between ERAC and Synrevoice remains focused on the SchoolConnects Hosted Service.

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What Products are Available?

SchoolConnects is a mass-communication tool that enables district administrators, school administrators and teachers to very quickly send electronic and voice messages to parents and/or staff regarding all kinds of school related events. SchoolConnects makes it very easy to communicate about daily attendance, transportation issues, weather delays, parent nights, homework assignments, good news stories, last minute cancellations, and emergencies. Messages can be sent by Phone, Email and/or Text Messaging. SchoolConnects can also post to Social Media! The sender can choose to record the message in his or her own voice or have it generated by text-to-speech technology.

Schools and districts can access SchoolConnects through the Internet, Smart Phone or Telephone to create and deliver an unlimited number of messages. It is SUPER FAST and far more cost effective than mailing or sending home printed school notices. With SchoolConnects, you no longer need to print, collate and distribute notices or spend hours making phone calls.

SchoolConnects is already used in more than 40 BC school districts. SchoolConnects integrates with many related schools systems, including MyEdBC. All data stored on Synrevoice servers is housed in Canada and meets FOI/POP regulations. SchoolConnects helps districts comply with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) by maintaining subscription lists and filtering out appropriate messages from parents that have chosen to opt-out.

New SchoolConnects SafeArrival! Synrevoice now offers ERAC member districts a discount on their new SafeArrival solution. SafeArrival takes morning attendance management to the next level. Parents can conveniently report absences through the web, mobile app or toll-free phone number. SchoolConnects quickly contacts parents of students marked absent without explanation and gives them the opportunity to excuse the absence. Staff will now be able to identify potential problems faster. SafeArrival has revolutionised student attendance!

Additional Information

If prices offered within BC decrease, ERAC members will enjoy the benefit of those decreases. If prices within BC increase, ERAC and its member educational institutions will be protected from those increases by this agreement.

How Do I Access These ERAC Discounts

For detailed product information or to place an order, contact Michael Goulet, Vice President Sales, SynreVoice Technologies Inc at: or by telephone at 800-450-5450 x638.


ERAC Member Contacts should login to the members' side of ERAC's website to see details of this agreement.

Tutorials & Training

ERAC members will have access to a helpdesk, open from 8am - 6pm EST (Monday to Friday); outside of these hours, support (for help sending urgent messages) is available 24/7 (support staff are on pagers). School districts with active SchoolConnectsWeb subscriptions or support/maintenance contracts have unlimited 24/7 access to the help desk.

Remote training sessions are offered as part of the initial implementation. School customers will receive one remote training session, and district customers can receive up to three sessions: one for administrators, one for attendance and one for general notices. The system also has extensive built-in help (videos, manuals, etc).

Where Can I Get More Information?

For further information about this agreement please contact ERAC at 604-713-5920 or by email at


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