Background Info

ERAC is a cooperative member based organization. We work in partnership with our members, BC public school districts as well as independent schools. Our goal is to support quality education for public and independent K-12 students.

ERAC provides a range of services to its members. These services include evaluation, licensing and acquisition of print, software, and digital learning resources. The results are documented and shared in our online database providing members with an ever-expanding K-12 Evaluated Resource Collection. Members are also provided specific resource training regarding ERAC purchased products.

ERAC also provides leadership in the areas of new technology and new media and their potential roles in education. We provide educators with research-based trends and also encourage sharing of knowledge and experience within the membership.

Working as a consortium, ERAC is able to leverage better prices for learning resources, software and videos. While driving down costs, we also build a strong valued knowledge base for our members. ERAC also helps school districts save staff time. Evaluating needs, comparing and evaluating products, and negotiating agreements are all handled by ERAC. These immediate benefits are then delivered to our members.

ERAC is funded through membership fees, an annual BC Ministry of Education grant and cost recovery fees for services performed on behalf of vendors or members.

ERAC is overseen by an Executive Committee consisting of three Superintendents and three Secretary Treasurers from BC member districts and a representative from the Ministry of Education.